5 Interesting Facts About Somalia

When people think about Somalia, they think of an impoverished country ravaged by war and hunger. In large parts, Somalia is, no thanks to the unending civil war that has plagued the country since 1991.

But Somalia is also a beautiful country with a rich and ancient history to be proud of.

Here are 5 interesting facts about Somalia you should know

1. Somalia has one of the highest fertility rates in the world, with an average of 6 children being born to one woman in the country. Child-bearing and big families are culturally encouraged in the country.
2. Somalia has one of the lowest HIV infection rates in Africa. The country has a prevalence rate of 0.04% among adults beating countries like South Africa with 17% and Botswana with a 22% rate.
3. Before the start of the civil war in 1991, Somalia used to be a popular tourist destination due to its numerous attractions and pristine beaches.
Beach in Somalia

4. According to most scholars, Somalia is among the most probable locations of the fabled ancient Land of Punt. Punt was an ancient Kingdom that existed about 3,500 years ago and in its heydays, traded and rivaled with ancient Egypt in glory.  

5. All food in Somalia is served halal, almost 99% of the country’s 16 million people are Muslims.

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