Chimamanda responds awkwardly to a French journalist who asked if there are any bookshops in Nigeria

The writer and novelist, Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie is trending on Twitter after a video clip of her responding to awkward questions from a french journalist emerges.

During the one-on-one interview which also featured a live audience, the journalist asked Chimamanda if people read her books in Nigeria? to which she responded “they do, Shockingly.” and the audience burst into laughter.

The audience’s reaction seems to unnerve the journalist who then sort to clarify her question by explaining “there is not much said about Nigeria when you talk about Nigeria, its about Boko Haram, its about violence, its about security. I would like you to tell us something about Nigeria which is different, talk about it differently, that is why am saying are there bookshops? of course, there are bookshops. I could ask the question to the french.. do people read in France.. less and less so”

Chimamanda responded, “I think it reflects poorly on French people that you have to ask me that question, I really do.”

Alot of Nigerians have been reacting to the exchange in the video clip on Twitter. “Chimamanda Adiche gives an epic reply, to a French journalist who asked her a seemingly racist question. You can’t help but love this woman!” someone wrote. 

Another Twitter user wrote, “Chimamanda‘s calmness when dishing out violence is the energy I want this year”

Chimamanda is a wildly successful literary writer, she has bagged nothing less than 15 honourary doctorate degrees from respected universities around the world including Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, from Yale University; Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa from Georgetown University.

Her 2009 TED talk, The Danger of a Single Story, is currently one of the most viewed TED Talks of all time with over 7.7 million views.





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