How to Verify Your Google AdSense account using Nigerian NIN

The dream of every blogger and publisher is to get a fully functional and verified Google AdSense account. If you’ve received the red alert asking you to verify your identity to receive payments from Google, the whole experience can be overwhelming especially if you’re still a newbie.

This article will walk you through on how to verify your account with just your eleven digits NIN number for those who don’t have their international passport, permanent voters card or drivers license.

About Google verification

As part of its know-your-customer (KYC) requirements, Google will ask you to verify your address when you reach a earning threshold of $10 or its equivalent for Nigerian residents.

The process is simple, they will send you a verification card containing the PIN via the Nigerian postal service. You will have up to three chances to receive your code and verify your account over three months, after which your account might be permanently suspended and you loose the money in it.

Tips to get your Google AdSense PIN in Nigeria

Although alot of bloggers have complained that receiving the AdSense PIN code in Nigeria is difficult, it can be overwhelming, but it is easy if you know how it works:

  1. Google uses the services of the Nigerian postal service, so expect your PIN to arrive at the post office nearest to you.
  2. NIPOST will not actually deliver the PIN to your house. You will have to visit their office to ask in the weeks after Google must have sent it.
  3. Include your phone number clearly written under the address field while making pin request from Google. NIPOST will call or text you to come over when it arrives.
  4. It takes about two weeks from the date of request for the PIN to arrive Nigeria. You should start going to your local post office after two weeks so they don’t throw your PIN away.

How to verify your identity with NIN number for Google AdSense payments

For some accounts, verifying their address alone is not enough, they still have to verify their identity to receive payments.

When you receive the red alert to verify your identity, Google will give you three attempts to upload your documents after which your account might be suspended from serving ads and participating in any Google program including YouTube partner program.

If you received this red alert, don’t panic.

In Nigeria, you can verify your account with any of the following documents:

  1. National ID card (NIN)
  2. International passport
  3. Voters card
  4. Drivers license.

Note: you will be required to upload a separate document that shows your address if your ID does not contain your address written on it.

If you have an international passport, permanent voters card or drivers license that contains your address written on it, you can just scan it front and back to verify your identity.

If you don’t have any of this documents, only your NIN number, here’s how to use it to verify your Google AdSense payments:

  1. If you have the plastic ID card, simply scan and upload and jump to step 7 below.
  2. Google doesn’t accept the NIN slip, don’t waste one of your three attempts uploading it.
  3. Download and install the NIMc app on your phone.
  4. Access your ID card with your NIN number.
  5. The NIMC app doesn’t allow screenshot, you will need a second camera to snap and crop the image of your ID card.
  6. You should snap the ID card full front and back, most of the important information that Google needs to verify your identity including expiry date, NIN number is in the back.
  7. Upload the Clear and high resolution image to Google portal, also upload a separate document with your address on it. The easiest to get is your bank statement of account.
  8. Go to your bank, request for your statement of account, ask them to attach a PDF copy to your email. Google doesn’t accept black and white images, only colored.
  9. Make sure your names and addresses tally with what is on your Google publisher account. If it doesn’t you should edit before you upload your documents.
NIMC app snapshot
Your ID snapshot should look something like this.
The back of your ID card upload should look like this with NIN number and expiry date clearly visible.

Note: if you’re using national ID, you will be required to upload three separate documents, front and back of your ID card plus bank statement all uploaded separately.

In conclusion

Verifying your Google AdSense account to receive payments can feel a bit overwhelming, considering you have only three attempts to try and if you fail after the third attempt, you might never be able to receive any payments from Google again. If you already have a voters card, international passport or drivers license all you have to do is scan and upload easily. But if the only document you have is the NIN number, you have follow the process highlighted above and also attach your bank statement of account.


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  1. Thank you so much for this info, you really eased my stress, but a little issue here, I can’t upload multiple photos after the first click to upload the front side of my NIN there’s no option for me to upload the back side and the bank statement. Please help with this Thank you so much

    1. You upload in stages. After uploading the front they will ask you if there are other info on the back, select yes and another upload portal will open. Then they will ask you if your ID has address on it, select no and another portal will open for you to upload your bank account statement.

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